View and edit your team’s timesheet

Sometimes it happens that the users introduce, by mistake, wrong hours on projects or they forget to submit the hours before they leave for holidays.

For these exceptions, the persons who have the following access levels: project manager, project director, accounting or administrator while they are logged with their account, they can access the other users’s timesheet and make changes.

Click on “Timesheet”, “Submit” and, only if you have the right to modify other users timesheet, you will see a drop-down “View timesheet as…” from where you can choose a person and you will be redirect to the timesheet of the selected person.

How to see and modify the timesheet of your team

Limit the permission of the project managers so they cannot change people timesheet

As an administrator you can choose from “Settings” -> “Customize” if the project managers should have the permission to change people timesheet. By default they have the right to change it.

The users can see only their timesheet.

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