How to submit hours on projects

Every user can submit hours easily.

Go to “Timesheet” from menu, on “Submit” tab.

  1. The user doesn’t have any allocation

If the user hasn’t been allocated on a project, in the timesheet will not appear any allocation and the user can choose from the list of the projects on which has access, the project on which has worked.

The view of the timesheet is per week and can easily navigate from a week to another using the navigation buttons above the timesheet.

Timesheet without any project allocationClick on “Add new row” button and a list with the projects on which the user has access will appear.

If the user doesn’t see in the list of the projects, the project on which has worked, it means that the project has been set by the project manager to not appear in this list if the person has not been allocated on the project. The user has to check with the project manager to receive the permission to add hours. This setup helps the project managers to avoid by mistake the risk as a person to add hours on a project if it has not been allocated before on it.

Adding a new project in the timesheet

The user can log hours:

  • directly on a project
  • if the project has phases, the user can choose the phase on which has worked
    • if the phase has activities related, the user can choose an activity on phase or more activities on which has worked
  • if the project has activities without phases, can choose to log hours directly on an activity.

After the user is selecting the projects, phases or activities this is how the timesheet will look:

How the employee can add hours in his timesheet

The name of the projects are displayed in the first column on the left side and immediately after are displayed the name of the phase, activity per phase or activity direct on project.

The user will simply have to click on a blue cell and to add the number of hours that has worked. The user can add a comment/note for the hours added.

If the administrator checked from “Settings” -> “Customize” as the timesheets cannot be submitted without comments, the user will have mandatory to write a comment/note.

Click on “Submit week” after the user added the hours accordingly with the work done.

Open and resubmitting the hoursIf the user submitted by mistake wrong hours, can click on “Open and resubmit”.

2. The user has allocations on projects, phases of project and on activities related to project

In this case, the user when will go to the timesheet, will have the pleasant surprise to see into the timesheet the hours that has been allocated on different projects, phases or activities.

Allocated hours in Resource planner are visible in the TimesheetIf the user has worked as has been allocated all he has to do is to click on “Submit week” and the timesheet for that week is done. Pretty simple, right?

In the case that the user doesn’t work exactly as has been allocated, will need to modify the number of the hours which appears into cells.

If the user worked on additional project which doesn’t appear into the timesheet, must click on “Add new row” and select from that list the project.

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