The connection between resourcing planner and timesheet

When you manage a project, certainly you have a budget agreed and you want to make sure that you have resources to work on it. The next steps should be the resources to log the time spent on the project so at the end of the month/project to easily issue an invoice.

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Allocate team members on the project

  1. Go to “Resourcing” from menu.
  2. Choose “People view”.
  3. Select a person from sidebar filter that you want to allocate.
  4. Start allocate the person.
  5. Click on “plus” icon and you will be able to select from the list of projects, phases or activities.

After you finish to allocate the person for a period of time, a specific number of hours this is how it looks like:

The allocated hours from the planner will be visible in Timesheet as well

Log timesheet hours on projects, phases or activities

When a person who has been allocated on projects will go into his profile to log hours, the timesheet will be pre-filled based on the hours from the resourcing.

Timesheet automatically fills in when person is allocated on projects

The person who needs to log the hours all he has to do is to click on “Submit week” button and the timesheet is done.

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