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Overtime in timesheets

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Overtime in timesheets

Depending on your settings, elapseit can show you 2 types of overtime:

  1. Hours calculated as overtime
  2. Hours marked as overtime

To see the calculated overtime, your account should have the setting for overtime: Settings -> Customize -> Timesheet & Time clock -> Track overtime hours in timesheet

Setting for overtime

Hours calculated as overtime

This type of overtime is calculated as the difference between the hours that you logged in timesheet and the hours of your availability/ your working schedule – excluding vacation days and bank holidays. So, if your availability for the week is 40 hours, but you log 43 hours, the 3 hours are calculated as overtime, and depending on the policy of your company, they can be considered for the future or they are just there, as an information.

In the example below, the user has accumulated 24 hours of overtime during the last 12 weeks. The number of overtime hours shown, is always the calculation for the number of weeks that the account is set to follow, until the end of the previous week. If you have some overtime in the present week, this will be visible starting next week!

Overtime in timesheet

The calculated overtime can also show negative numbers, and that happens when you do not submit your timesheet, or the hours that you submit – as worked hours – are less than the hours of you availability for the week. If you are available 40 hours per week, but you only submit 35, your calculated overtime will show – 5 hours:

Negative calculated overtimeHours marked as overtime

When you submit hours in timesheet, you have the possibility (depending on how the account is set, sometimes being mandatory) to add notes to the hours that you log for each project/phase/activity.

Add notes in timesheet

In timesheet you cannot split the hours of a project, to add details for each hour that you submit, but you have this possibility in notes, where you can “Split notes by hours” and add details and comments to everything that you submit. More than that, from the total number of hours that you log on one project, you can choose for some to be considered as overtime. To do that you just check the box for “Marked as overtime”:

Adding marked as overtime hours

These “marked as overtime” hours are different from the “calculated overtime” because these hours are billable to the client. So, all the hours “marked as overtime” can be uploaded in the invoice for your client, and can be charged as a different rate than a normal billable hour. In the presented case, you ca invoice your client the 6 hours marked as overtime, at a different rate than the 2 “normal hours”

As an Administrator or Accounting (having these 2 access levels) you are able to check, at any time, the number of hours of both types of overtime by going to Timesheet -> Overtime hours, and have an overall look, or filter a certain person:

Overtime overview tab

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