Approval workflow of timesheet in a few steps:

  1. Submit
  2. Approve/Reject
  3. Lock/Unlock

The process of submitting the hours has been explained in details here.

After the hours have been submitted, depending on how the project has been set, logged hours can be automatically approved  or must be approved by a project manager.

How does it know a user if the hours needs to be approved or not?

After the hours have been submit by the user, each status is identified through a color code as explained in the legend from timesheet.

Automatically approved or need review before approvalIn the imagine above the hours submitted on the projects” Axaxio” and “Main App” needs to be approved. The hours submitted on “Glass” project have been automatically approved. 

Who can approve/reject the hours submitted on a project?

The persons who have the following access level: “Project Manager”, “Project Director”, “Accounting” and have been added into the “Project managers” table from the project’s page. They will have full access to the project data (rates, allocations).

The person with access level “Administrator” is the only person who can approve or reject hours even if hasn’t been added into “Project managers” table from a specific project.

How can be approved/rejected hours submitted on a project?

  1. Go to “Timesheet” from menu.
  2. Go to “Approve/Reject” tab

If you have hours submitted who needs to be reviewed, these will be shown here as you can see in the imagine below.

Approval workflow for timesheetsYou can use the filters from sidebar to approve hours only for a specific project or for a specific person.

Even more, you have the possibility to add comment for hours who have been submitted.

The hours are approved manually for a better accuracy for each project, phase or activity in part, separately for each week submitted and for each individual.

If you want to approve the hours, click on “Approve” button, otherwise click on “Reject” button.

Approval/Rejection NoteIf you “Approve” the hours, these will appear into timesheet in cells with green border.

If you “Reject” the hours, these will appear into timesheet in cell with red border.

The user can be notified as well automatically by email if the hours have been approved or rejected.

Timesheet submitted hours versus Hours logged on tasks

As reviewer, you will be able to compare for each user the hours who have been submitted through timesheet versus hours logged on tasks.

Hours can be modified after they have been approved?

No, the person who needs to modify the hours that are already approved, will have to go to his manager/accounting to “Open and resubmit” the hours again.

After the changes are done, the person will have to submit once again the hours, by clicking on “Submit week”.

The hours submitted again will be sent to be reviewed once again.

Lock/Unlock hours

  1. Go to “Timesheet” from menu.
  2.  Click on “Lock/Unlock” tab.

Meaning of lock and unlock hoursOnce you “Lock” the hours the hours can not be modified anymore by the users who submitted the hours. This extra layer of security is good for when you want to create a report for the client with the hours who will be invoiced and you want to avoid as an user to change the hours in the meantime after have been already approved.

You have to lock the hours for each week and individual for each week. It’s your choice if you want to:

  • Lock only the hours who have been already approved, or
  • Lock all the hours (saved, allocated)

choose if you want to lock all the hours who have been submitted

Who has the right to lock and unlock the hours?

Only the persons who have the following access level: “Accounting” or “Administrator” can lock or unlock the hours.

How can be hours automatically locked?

The hours will be automatically locked only after the invoice has been issued directly from elapseit based on the timesheet logged.

How does a user know if the hours are locked or not?

The hours locked will appears into the timesheet having a lock icon inside the cell.

Locked hours in timesheet

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