Usually when you start allocating people on projects, you have no idea when they will request time-off and you want to be sure that their vacation will be very visible in the Resourcing planner.

What’s happening with a person`s allocation while the person is in vacation?

When your leave request is approved, depending if it is a time off or not, the allocation in the Resourcing planner will automatically be split. Depending on your `Leave types`settings, the allocation hours, will be moved from the person’s allocation to the “Backlog allocations” or they will be deleted as allocation.

The reason behind is that you will be able to allocate the hours to another person which is available while the person is on holiday – in case you use the Backlog allocation.

Check the settings for Leave type

  1. Go to Settings/Leave types
  2. Check or un-check the box for `Send allocated hours to backlog`.

Send leave hours to Backlog

Resourcing planner allocation before the vacation requested

  1. Go to “Resourcing planner”
  2. People view planner.
  3. Add allocations for a person. For more details how to add a new allocation, check this article.

Allocations in the resourcing planner, before vacationAfter the person requested time-off (vacation) and the request has been approved, according with the settings that you have for leave, the allocation hours will be moved, automatically, to the “Backlog allocations”, or the hours will be deleted.

Resourcing planner allocation after vacation requested and approved

Allocated hours during vacation

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