The access level/user permission is set, for every person, according to the position in the company. It can be modify only by the owner, administrator or accounting.
Every level has different access permission in elapseit:
  • User – the access level for an employee or contractor. The User is able to add tasks and modify task status, log in his working hours in the timesheet, add documents, add his leave requests, see Dashboard and his Resourcing planner and also access to reports regarding his timsheests and his logged hours on tasks.
  • Project Manager – the access level for your employees that manage projects. The Project manager is able to create and edit projects and clients, access the Timesheet of his team, approvals sub-menu, access to the Resourcing planner, access to Dashboard and some of the reports. They also have access to the project rates, BUT only for the projects where they are set as Project Managers. They don’t have access to the employees costs.
  • Project Director – all the access of a Project Manager, adding also the Analytics reports and the ability to edit all projects, clients and people in the system. The Project Director has access to all the projects rates.
  • Accounting – access to all the features in elapseit, except assigning licences to people.
  • Administrator – has access to all the app’s features and data and, the most important, the Admin can assign or remove licences to people in the system. Assigning a licence to a person allows you to use that person in the system, allocate the person to projects. When a person has a license that means that person has an account, so they can log in in elapseit and submit their worked hours by themselves.

Although the Department Lead is not an access level, the department leads are able to approve/reject their teams requests for leave. The Department Lead is set from Settings/Departments.

Access level rights

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