If people are no longer in your team and you don`t want them to be in you reports and in the resourcing calendar, you can archive or delete them from your account.

To archive and delete a person you need to have Owner, Administrator or Accounting rights.

Archiving people

  1. Go to Management =>People  and select the person you want to archive.
  2. Check if the person has a license; to be able to archive the person, you need to revoke the license. Once you revoke a license, all the allocations of that person will be lost – a pop-up will reassure that you really want to revoke the license.
  3. After you revoke the license, you need to click on the Archive button – a pop-up will ask if you really want to archive the person

Archive a person

Deleting people

  1. Go to Management =>People  and select the person you want to delete;
  2. In the up right side of your view, you have the Delete button;
  3. You click on the Delete button, you reconfirm that you want to delete the person, you need to enter your account password;
  4. After you submit the account password, the person is deleted from your account

Delete person

2 Responses to “Archiving and deleting people”

  1. Viktorija

    Hi, I’d like to understand what happens with expenses of the user who’s license is revoked. If we revoke access of users who left the company are we still able to see the expenses they submitted? We need this for tax reporting purposes.

    • adminul

      Hello Viktorija,
      Whenever you revoke a license of a resource, all the information linked to that resource will still be available in the application, no data is lost.
      Whenever a resource is no longer in your company, your revoke their license and archive their profile (you do not delete, your archive their profile). All the data (allocations, timesheet, expenses, etc) before the revoke of the license and archive date will still be available for reports, all the data from the future (future allocations) will be removed from the profile.

      elapseit team.


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