How to create task dependencies

This feature is useful for managing work that needs to be done in a particular order. The most used dependency relationship is a finish-to-start relationship. Which means the first task must be finished before the second task can start. This is a very helpful feature in project management.

  1. Go to Tasks > All tasks
  2. Go to Filters and search for the project you want
  3. Open the task you want to create a dependency for.
  4. Go to Depends on and type the title of the task you want your task to depend on (when you start typing, a drop down list will appear, with all the tasks that have a Start and a Due date and are allocated to the same project) and choose the task.
  5. If the task you choose to depend on has the Due date before your task has the  Start date, your dependency is created; if the Due date is after the beginning of your task, you will be notify and the start date and end date of your dependent task will be delayed in such way as to start when the depend on task ends.

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