How to make use of Gantt view

Gantt view transforms the life cycle of your project from a plan into a graphical representation. The Gantt view of your projects shows exactly the tasks and productivity of each team member, in the meantime showing the project status.

Setting up the Gantt view

Gantt view in elapseit is customizable, you can personalize the data that you want to see by:

    • right click on one of the header columns;
    • check the fields you want to see in your project view;
    • use the filters on the left side of your page, to choose exactly what you want to see;
    • choose if you want to see only the open tasks or only your tasks;
    • zoom in and zoom out, situated in the upper right side of your screen, will help you see the tasks on daily or quarterly basis;
  • expand all and collapse all will help you see the the stories and the individual tasks or to see every task in the account;
  • to scroll – left to right => hold on Shift + mouse wheel or hold click on the calendar area (not on task) and drag left/right.

Modify the tasks and add/delete dependencies in Gantt view

  1. Go to Tasks => Gantt view;
  2. Select a project from the drop down list;
  3. Collapse or Expand all tasks, if needed, or you can go on each Story and collapse it or expand it;
  4. Change the order of the tasks by drag and drop them, only in the left view of your screen. The task can be moved in the same Story or in other Stories;
  5. Double click on the task, to open it and change data inside (assignation, due date, status, etc);
  6. From the calendar view drag the task bar to the left or to the right, according with your needs, to extend or shorten the task;
  7. To create dependencies, place the cursor on the bar with the task you want to create a dependence for;
  8. Click on the markers that will show on the sides of the task and drag the dependency arrow to the task that you want to link it to;
  9. To delete a dependency between 2 tasks click on the dependency line and delete it.

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