How to add the Project Manager from the Client side


Whenever you start a new project with one of your clients, you have a counterpart there, a person that is your connection for that project, from the Client`s “yard”. So, how better to remember who that person is than to add the name to the project file! In order to do that, you need to follow the next simple steps:

  1. Create the “Contacts” for your clients by editing the Clients’ profile in Management/ClientsCreating Client contacts in Management page
  2. After you created the contacts for the Client – can be 1 or more, depending how many projects you have with that client – you can add 1 Client PM to the project by going to Management/Projects and Edit, if the project is already created, or when you get to that field if you add it when you create theĀ  project. The “Client project manager” field has a drop-down list with all the contacts that you have for that client, and you can only choose 1.Adding the Client Project Manager on a project

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