Give access on elapseit to contacts on a specific client and share specific information

  1. Go to Management section from menu.
  2. Click on the Add button from the bottom right corner.
  3. Choose the option – Add person. Until now the process is the same as adding a new member of the team.The difference it will be on the next step.
  4. On General section, at Access level* select “Client”.
  •        Client*:   Choose carefully the client from elapseit’s system  because the new account will be associated to the client selected.

For each account new created for a specific client, it can be choose the information which can be accessed.

  • Resourcing access: the client’s contact can only see the “Resourcing planner” only for the projects associated to the client
  • Task access: choose to give access only on the Project Pulse dashboard or on All tasks & Kanban board
  • Legal access:  the client’s contact can see the files uploaded only on the specific folder associated with the client
  • Invoicing access: the client’s contact can see only the invoices which have been issued to the client associated
  • Reports access: choose the reports that the client’s contact can access. Reports only for projects related associated with the client.

      6. LICENSING

  • Has license (no license required):   the accounts (contacts) created for the client are free of charge, so the option to check the license is unavailable, because all these accounts have license included.
  • Has user account: choose if you the contact’s client should have user account or not. If a person has user account it means that can log into elapseit with the associated account.

Client access and permissions

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