How to create an invoice based on timesheet


  1. Go to Financial => Invoices => Add invoice (the white plus button, in the right down view of your screen);
  2. Fill in the mandatory fields marked with a star (*);
  3. Go to Description and click on Add new record;
  4. Check on the Project based invoice record, in the new open view, and click on Next button;
  5. Choose the Project, the type of hours you want to invoice and the period, then click on Next button;
  6. A preview of the information in your invoice will be displayed on your screen and here you can still modify it; click OK button;
  7. You have the preview of the invoice based on the data you choose, click on the Save invoice button and you will have the Draft of your invoice.

You can keep it as a Draft, copy it to Xero, export it as a PDF and send it to your client, etc.

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