1. Go to “Management” on the menu.

2. Click on “Projects”.

3. Select an existing project or create a new project.

4. Once you are in the edit mode of the project, scroll down to “Team & Custom Rates” section.

Project team

In this table, using the green circle with a plus, you can add the team that is working on the project; by adding team members, their role will be uploaded too. After you add a team member, you have to click on the Save button

Project job title rate

In this table, from a drop down list, you can add the roles of your chosen team members and for each role you will be able to set up a specific hourly rate. Don`t forget to save the information.

How to add the team to a project and how to set the hourly rates for the roles of the team membersMention: The same person having the same job title can have different rates for each project.

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